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Welcome to the Marineland of the Pacific Research Department!
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John Prescott
General Laboratory with Dr. John Prescott (right), Dr. Lanny Cornell and Prescott's son.

The Marineland of the Pacific Historical Society is pleased to announce the opening of its new Research Department. 

Due to the overwhelming interest from our visitors, the society has opened a research wing to answer your questions about Marineland's history, animal collection, architecture, education and all fields of interest that you may have.  Our research staff has done a good job in responding to the hundreds of questions received so far, and they will continue to update the Guestbook with general responses for others to read. 

The research department is currently working on a FAQs page that will be added soon to provide visitors with quick responses to common questions.  Visitors may continue to request information through the site's Guestbook or by contacting the Research Department directly at the e-mail address of [email protected] for a personal response.  Responses are generally provided within 24 hours, but may be longer depending on the subject matter.  For media inquiries of a time-sensitive nature, please contact the Executive Director of the society at [email protected] for immediate assistance.

We thank you for your interest in Marineland of the Pacific, and we look forward to providing you with specific information about the park, as well as industry-wide information. 

MOTPHS, Research Department