50th Anniversary

Sea Arena Show with Live Announcer, 1973

We are pleased to begin adding audio files of show announcements, live shows and music used throughout the park during the 1970s.  We'll continue to add more as it is catalogued into the collection. 

In the days up to the mid-70s, live announcers were used to present the shows to the public.  The announcers were backed up with music and sound effects (primarily through the use of 8-track tapes), and followed the actions of the trainers as they worked with the animals through each trained behavior.  Some behaviors went well; others not so well.  It was through the talents of the announcers that kept the show running during difficult times.  After the mid-70s, the announcers were retired from the shows as a cost-saving measure, and were relegated simply to operate the 8-track tape machines in the sound booths. 

The trainers themselves then began providing the narration of the shows through the use of live microphones typically worn around their necks.  This certainly added more character and dimension to the shows, which resulted in the evolution of shows being written with more of a story-line.  Script segments of these shows will be added later for you to read.

The staff apologizes for long downloads of these files.  Enjoy!


Orky with David Keith & Gary Fox
Orky Being Difficult with Gary Fox and Jeff Zimmerman