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The Story of Bubbles the Whale

Story by Don Hackett, with drawings by Dorothy Grider

Published by The Saalfield Publishing Company, New York

Copyright 1963 by Oceanarium, Inc.  Lic. - Don Gardner Association, Inc.

This book was written and illustrated for children, and follows the story of the capture of Bubbles the Whale in 1957.  It provides children a more colorful and entertaining story that follows the story In Search of a Whale by Allan Eckert written as a segment for the Wild Kingdom television series.   

"The rubber boat began to move."

Once there was a shiny black whale named Bubbles who smiled almost all the time.  Bubbles loved to play in the ocean with the other whales.  Her best friend was a little whale named Squirt.  Sometimes they raced each other to see who could swim the faster.  Sometimes they dove to see who could dive the deeper.  And sometimes they swam on their backs and squeaked whale talk to each other.  One day they saw a little white boat coming toward them.  It came closer and closer and closer.  Soon it was very close and Bubbles could see the fisherman standing on the deck.  Suddenly the fisherman threw a net over the water.  They then put her in a little rubber boat to take back her back to Marineland.

Bubbles was put in the Giant Fish Tank, and then a man in a black diver's suit swam close to her and said, "I am Jake the diver and I want to make you happy at Marineland.  I will bring you some nice fish for breakfast and teach you some games to play."  The next day, Jake the diver said, "Bubbles, I'll teach you a game to play."  He showed her how to wave a flipper at the boys and girls around the pool.  Bubbles waved a flipper and the boys and girls waved back to Bubbles. 

More of the story and illustrations coming soon.

"I am Jake the Diver."
Jake showed Bubbles how to wave a flipper at the boys and girls.