In Search of a Whale

Four Walruses from Arctic to Oceanarium

The Porpoise Watcher

Story of Bubbles The Whale

Taking Sharks Alive

In Search of a Whale

by Allan W. Eckert

copyright 1970, by Don Meier Productions, Inc.

Illustrations by Joseph Cellini

This book is based on an original story developed for an episode of the internationally known television series, "Wild Kingdom", and I am deeply grateful for the research assistance and continued support graciously given me by the staff of Don Meier Productions, producers of this outstanding program.

The assistance of the personnel in general of Marineland of the Pacific at Palos Verdes, California, is gratefully acknowledged in the research and preparation of this book.  Specifically at that institution, sincere gratitude is extended to the crew of the boat Geronimo, Frank Brocato, Frank Calandrino, and Benny Falcone, as well as to Marineland president William F. Monahan, vice-president public relations William Campeau, and the institution's curator, John Prescott. 

                                                                       Allan W. Eckert